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Architectural Guide Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the ­Netherlands and prides itself on being its architecture capital. The first thing that most visitors notice is the many high-rises, which give the city its billing as 'Manhattan on the Maas'. But there is much more to Rotterdam than glossy prestige projects. World-famous for its harbour, which is currently the biggest in Europe, Rotterdam is a very dynamic metropolis: experimental, slightly rough around the edges, and studded with hidden gems.

This architecture guide presents more than
150 selected buildings in Rotterdam, ranging from the few remaining from the Golden Age to modern classics and contemporary projects. It covers famous highlights, but also lesser-known interventions, such as small infill and self-build projects. The buildings are arranged in six tours through different areas of the city – ideal for discovering by bike.

In addition to an introduction to the historical development of the city, the guide also includes a chapter on the most momentous event in the history of Rotterdam: the bombing of the city centre during the Second World War and its ­subsequent reconstruction. An interview with renowned Rotterdam-based ­architect Kees Christiaanse provides an insider's view on recent developments.

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Architectural Guide Rotterdam
Anneke Bokern

135 x 245 mm
264 pages
400 images

ISBN 978-3-86922-600-2

€ 38.00

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